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Family tree 1

This site contains information about the Weerman family, originating from the province of Drente, the Netherlands. This family originally lived in Hoogstede, Germany, near Bentheim. This is close to the German/Dutch border. Around 1760  the ancestor of the family moved to the city of Emmen, the Netherlands, 30 km from Hoogstede. This is by far the largest branch of all three Weerman families in the Netherlands. On the picture with the geographical distribution of Weermans over the Netherlands you can still see the origin of this family; most Weermans are still living around the city of Emmen. More information on this family branch can be found by clicking here (dutch language)

Family tree 2
Another Weerman family originates from the province of Friesland, the Netherlands. It is unknown if and how this family is related to the family originating from Hoogstede, Germany. Around 1800, the ancestor of the frisian Weerman family arrived in Friesland by boat. unknown is where he came from. One of the Weerman siblings of this Weerman branch was killed when a spitfire crashed into the school shortly after world war II when the pilot celebrated his mother's birthday by flying circles over her house. His plane crashed on a primary school (in the village of Sleen) killing a number of children. friesian weerman family
Family tree 3

wapen_weermanthe weapon of the Weerman family originating from Bentheim



The third known Weerman family in the Netherlands also originates from Germany, from the city of Bentheim. In 1643 the ancestor of this family tree was the major of the Bentheim city. This family is recorded in the dutch "patriciers handboek", this is the handbook containing a description of all important families in the Netherlands not belonging to the nobility families.

As this family also originates from the Bentheim area, it is very likely that this branch is related to the first Weerman tree, although this relationship is not found yet.

It is unknown if there are still living members of this branch in the Netherlands.

The origin of the name Weerman


In germany the name was spelled exactly the same as in the netherlands as "Weerman".

This is peculiar because in the german language this name normally would read "Wehrmann" or "Weermann", meaning "soldier".

The weerman family branch 1 originates from a farm called the "hof Weerman" which means "weerman farm". It was common in the 18th century to adopt the name of the farm as the family name. Alle male persons inheriting the farm therefore changed their name into Weerman, even if they had a completely different familiy name before they married. Both male and female persons adopted the new family name.

The Weerman hof is still known in the village of Hoogstede, Germany. Currently a large modern farm is built on the place of the original farm.Unfortunately, a large part of the archive in the Church in Hoogstede has been burned because people didn't see the need of conservating the piles of paper.

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